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What is the recipe for making Activated EM•1® and where are the instructions for making it?
You will find it under the "Downloads>Recipes" section of our website under Activated EM-1.

Why would I activate EM•1
Activating EM•1® yields 22 times more product from the original concentrate that is purchased.

How do I activate EM•1
All the instructions are available on our website in the downloads section of our website: Activated EM•1® Recipe.

Can I use a sugar other than molasses?
Yes, but other sugars tend to not work as well. This is due to quality of sugars. Molasses is the sugar of choice because it has lots of minerals and is probably the least costly of sugars. Some sugars are corn-based. The corn-based sugars do ferment, however, they spoil quickly. Honey can have wild yeasts that affect fermentation by preventing pH drop or quick spoilage and off-smells.

How do I know if my Activated EM•1
® has gone bad?
Does it smell bad, like a strong sulfur smell, or vomit? Sulfur is a sign the phototrophic bacteria are dying off. This product can be applied to a septic system or a compost pile, but is not optimal. The vomit smell is caused by a contaminant bacteria known as pediococcus, but does not mean the product is bad, just that it cannot be used for odor control. "Musty" is another description we have heard. This means the product is getting old or there was a lack of fermentation if it is not that old. The product is either dying off or no good.

A good activation should have various phenol smells. Phenols are alcohols. They burn the nose when a big sniff is taken upon opening the bottles.

The color should get lighter and reddish during the fermentation. White flakes and bubbles are yeast growth. A thin layer of yeast (white stuff), about 1-2 mm is good. If the layer is thick, there is too much air in the activation and the product will likely spoil.

Can I go through the activation process again, starting with Activated EM•1®?
NO. You cannot activate Activated EM•1® and consider this the same product. There balance of the microbes in the culture can change dramatically thereby producing unpredictable results. Always start with the original EM•1® when activating.