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Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning fermented organic matter. Rice bran contains high levels of antioxidants and minerals, creating the highest quality bokashi.

TeraKashi Bokashi Fertilizer is a fermented fertilizer and is commonly used for food waste recycling, odor control for pet waste, to accelerate compost and plant residue and mulch decomposition, and as a bi-weekly top dress fertilizer for all plants. It can also be used in portable toilets, waterless toilets, and added to potting soil mixes.
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Terakashi Bokashi Fertilizer TeraKashi (Bokashi)

Made in Texas with Texas-Grown Certified Organic Rice Bran and Malibu Compost.
Terakashi for recycling food wastes and feeding plants.
USDA BioPreferred

Bokashi Food Waste starter kit Bokashi Food Waste Recycling System

5lbs TeraKashi Bokashi Fertilizer, 2 Bokashi Buckets, 2 Flexible Bucket Lids

List Price: $36.99
Our Price: $36.99
Product Price: $36.99
Bokashi Bucket Fermenter The Deluxe Bokashi Bucket Food Waste Fermenter Kit with 2 lb Bokashi

The Bokashi Bucket Food Waste Fermenter & 2 lb TeraKashi Bokashi Fertilizer

Our Price: $67.99