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Clinical Studies with Dr. Don's®

Clinical Periodontal Gingival (Gums) Tests
Good dental offices make extensive diagnosis of each tooth as to pocket depth, tissue color and swelling.  The greater the pocket depth, the looser the teeth, the poorer the color leaning toward stagnation, loss of texture and the greater the inflammation or swelling of the gums.  The clinical tests are from different offices with no economic benefits other than to observe the results to see if the products are beneficial to their patients.  The dental professionals instructed the patients to use Dr. Don's® Antioxidant toothpowder and mouthwash instead of their regular toothpaste and mouthwash.  One office used the mouthwash as the disinfectant in water-pik®, an essential spray rinse to reach deep into the periodontal tissues.  We wanted to know the bad results as well as the good to determine what may be the cause of the bad results.  Since, the technology and science is radically different from conventional dentistry, there were only a few offices that chose to participate in the clinical tests. 

Testing Analysis
Dentists use an average of mean pocket depth in analysis to compare the results.  They normally take the typical three readings per side of the tooth or a total of 6 readings per tooth.  Since clinically, they would see some aspects of periodontal condition would be more involved say in the palatal side, we wanted to see if they got an even response or a isolated response since patients have a tendency to brush mainly on the buccal front surface of the teeth and ignore or brush poorly on the palatal lingual back surface of the teeth.

Looking at the mean sulcus pocket depth, they get an overall view of improvement or non-significant progress.  Since in the clinical setting, they would see in a healthy mouth, no more than 3 mm pocketing and usually only 2mm pocketing on the side of the teeth, for a pocket average of +2.5 mm.  The higher from that number, the more disease we would see.  They then took the amount of potential improvement to ideal and compare the actual amount to determine total state of health of the gums.  The pocket average is an indication of total condition of the gums.

Case #101
.  Woman Age ___, with history of 2 previous Non-surgical scaling and root planing treatments in the past.
Patient presented with advanced bone loss, moderate subgingival calculus and moderate bleeding upon probing. Pockets presented as 1 to 9 mm. Gingiva at margins was generally red and mildly inflammed. Patient brushed and flossed regularly.
After 4 quadrants of non-surgical scaling and root planing therapy, patient was sent home with a bottle each, of Dr. Don's® Gargle and Toothpowder. The patient was instructed to follow the directions on the labels and to also put a capful of the Gargle in her Waterpik® water to be used one time daily.
At a one month follow-up periodontal maintenance prophy, the patient presented a generalized 1 to 4 mm reduction in pocket depths and only 10 slight bleeding points.  Gingival tissue appeared firmer, more stippled, and tighter.  Color was a healthy pink.  Inspite of the deep red of the Gargle, there appeared to be no staining of the teeth.  Infact, they appeared brighter than patients who had been using chlorhexidine or stannous rinses for the same time frame.
An additional benefit seemed to be that the patient reported she had far less sensitivity than she had ever had in her previous scaling and root planing experiences.  She said this very much surprised her as she had been dreading facing the pain again.
Patient took home another bottle of the gargle and another toothpowder and placed on a 3 month recare. It will be very exciting to follow her progress.

Case 102  Male 50 years old

The patient has been a patient of record for eight years.  He came in with initial periodontal condition which we were able to resolve with shorten recall appointments.  He then was unable to return due to financial challenges as prescribed.  When returning he had an advanced class III perio-condition with a Class II mobility on tooth number 18.  We referred the patient to a periodontist for evaluation.  Prognosis was hopeless for tooth no 18, poor for the posterior teeth 2,3,14,15, 19 and 32 and fair for teeth 4-13 and 30 and 31.

Recommended treatment of extraction of 18 and scaling and root planning to be followed by re-evaluation with surgery a strong possibility.  He chose to participate in this trial picking up the products and returned for evaluation one month later.  No other treatment was done except his general cleaning on 5/5 and perio-evaluation on 6/24.  On 7/23, he was evaluated by our office.  The change was significant with little or no bleeding upon probing.  The probing depth on 6/24 had a mean pocket depth of 4.45 mm on the buccal of the maxillary.  On 7/26, it was 3.1mm on the buccal.  On the palatal and it started out as 4.95 mm and in one month it was 3.2 mm.  The buccal on the mandible started out at 4.7mm when re-evaluated it was 2.77 mm and the lingual started ate 4.8 mm and improved to 2.77 mm.  The mean total for the entire mouth started ate 4.725 mm average of pocket depth and within one month with no other intervention, it improved to 3.03 mm depth.  A 1.69 mm improvement with no noticeable bleeding.  A 75% impressive improvement.

Case 103  Male 54 years old

The individual is a patient that originally came in 7 years ago and had undergone scaling and root planing at that time.  Although a shorten recall had kept his condition under control, through time he felt he only needing cleanings twice a year.  His condition of a perio Class III had returned upon his visit of 6/4.  We read the pockets at that visit and he chose to engage in this trial.  We gave him the product with instructions and he returned on 7/15 for re-evaluation of his situation.

The maxillary average buccal pocket depth was 3.47mm on 7/15, it was 2.83 mm.  The palatal was 3.41 mm on 7/15 it was 3.06 mm.  The mandible buccal was 3.54 mm starting but on 7/15 ut was 3,00 nn, /tge kubgayak started at ab average if 3,729 mm and on 7/15, it was 3,20 mm.  For an average pocket depth of 3.53 mm throughout the mouth and on 7/15 an average of 3.02 mm with no bleeding and no other treatments.  A 25-50% improvement throughout.

Case 104  Female Age 79 years old

This case is a perio Class IIIa-IV.  She has a history of full mouth perio surgery years before with a guarded prognosis.  We have been able to maintain her teeth through frequent cleanings.  Lazer therapy was done several times in October and November with limited success.  She spends winters in the South, so treatment options have only been during a 6-7 month period of time.  She seeks no other care during he time spent away.  She was evaluated on 6/9 and given the products with instructions.  She was the only patient to use a sonicare toothbrush with the application.

Her starting pocket depth on the maxillary buccal pocket was 3.066 mm, it improved to 2.066 mm.  Her palatal started at 3.566 mm and improved to 3.1 mm.  Class IIIís pocket readings on the mandible (where she has bone disease) showed the buccal average pocket depth of 2.37 before and after.  The lingual started at 2.66 mm and improved to 2.48 mm.  The most impressive result was the total elimination of bleeding.

Conclusions (Notes from Hygienist)
Dr. Don's® Antioxidant toothpowder and mouthwash appear to be clinically significant for the improvement of gum disease.  Since there a variety of cases, we would have expected some cases not to respond due to the complication of health issues.  They all responded favorable and consistently within a short period of time.  The greatest improvement from this clinical analysis was the reduction of bleeding and inflammation, but this does not lend to a numerical analysis.
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