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How much water will the 35mm ceramic pipes treat?
One piece will remove all the chlorine in 55 gallons of water in 30 minutes.

How exactly do the EM® Ceramics work?
The ceramics drop the molecule cluster size, making water more easily absorbed.
EM® Ceramics also remove some dissolved solids in the water through a process known as adsorption. That means it attracts the particles like a magnet.

EM® Ceramics can also remove impurities from cooking oil to make it last longer, and absorb humidity and odors.

How long will my ceramics last?
N-type pipe ceramics are soft and will last about 6 months. In
EcoPure Ceramics edition it recommends burying them in soil after use. The other ceramics products should last indefinitely.

Which EM•1® product you recommend for cleaning the ceramics?
All EM•1® products for
Waste Treatment, Microbial Inoculant, or Septic Treatment, will do the job. This means you can use any one of them to clean/recharge the ceramics.