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EM® Ceramics are part of EM Technology®. They are used for removing various chemicals from liquids and use ultrasonic frequencies and adhesion as mechanisms.
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EM Ceramic Bracelet EM Ceramic Bracelet
Our Price: $29.99

K-Type Ceramics, 1 pouch K Type Ceramics High temp
Our Price: $33.99

N-Type Ceramics, 1 pouch N Type Ceramics
Our Price: $29.99

EM Terra Powder TERRA Powder 1.5 pound
Our Price: $16.99

35mm Pipe Ceramic EM-X Ceramic Pipe 35mm
Our Price: $29.99

EM Cellular Seals set of 5 EM Cellular Seals
Our Price: $19.99

EM® Ceramic Necklaces EM Ceramic Necklace
Prices Start At: $49.99

1 EM-X Gold Beverage Stone EM-X Gold® Beverage Stone
Our Price: $44.99