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Earth bananas grown with em•1<sup  /></sup></sup></sup></sup></sup></sup></sup></sup>®</sup> and Bokashi

Foods Grown Or Produced With EM Technology®

Since EM Technology® has its roots in agriculture, it only seems fitting that there would be foods that are produced or grown with EM Technology ®. Some of the people we work with are involved in foods and drinks you can find at the local grocery store. Others foods may be produced elsewhere with EM Technology®. Below are some examples.

If there is a Whole Foods Market near you, We suggest trying some of the bananas from Earth University. Whole Foods Market exclusively sells bananas from Earth University in Costa Rica. These bananas are grown with EM•1® Microbial Inoculant and EM•1® Bokashi made with bran and plant wastes from the farm. The bananas are sustainably grown and have about 20% more vitamin C than other bananas (conventional and organic) due to the increased vitamins from Effective Microorganisms®. Whole Foods also sells banana paper products that are all processed with EM•1® and EM® Ceramics, imported from Costa Rica as well. These products all have the Earth University logo on them.

El Pinto Salsa NickelbackJust a few years ago Jim and John Thomas "The Salsa Twins" took their family salsa recipe and brought El Pinto Salsa (pictured at right with the rock band Nickleback) to the market. Today El Pinto Salsa is available in over 7,000 retail locations nationwide. The chili peppers used in their formulations are all grown in New Mexico using Effective Microorganisms®. The brothers also own El Pinto restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. All of the grounds and plants inside and outside are treated with a regular dose of Activated EM•1®. They also use Activated EM•1® to clean their floors and treat the grease trap.

St. Clair WinerySt. Clair Winery (pictured left) in Deming, New Mexico is New Mexico's largest winery. They bottle over 60 varieties of wine at their facility in Deming. On their 160 acre farm in Lourdsburg, New Mexico, Emmanuel Lescombes (center of photo on left) started using Effective Microorganisms® in 2009. He regularly inoculates the soil and sprays his grapes with Ag1000®. Emmanuel has also been making compost with Ag1000® and applying that to the soils since 2010. Both red and white grapes are grown on the property. They have won several awards in national and international competitions.

In Hawaii, Lafayette Coffee Company grows certified organic Kona coffee. You can visit them online and purchase this amazing coffee directly from them. They roast small batches to keep it fresh. It is delicious and worth the price!

Several farms across the mainland USA are using EM•1® Microbial Inoculant. If you are a member of a CSA, ask if the grower is using EM•1®. If not, tell them to try it out.

There are many other places around the world that are using EM Technology®. When we learn about them, we will be adding them to this page.

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