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Pure Shabondama lye soap features absolutely no artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals or other harsh irritants. It is simply made from lye and oil. This is Castile soap. Shabondama soaps are imported from Japan. Shabondama means "bubble" in Japanese. These soaps are made with EM•1® and EM® Ceramics. Shabondama soaps are castile-style soaps and do not contain any scents or synthetic chemicals such as SLS. The bubbles come from the saponins extracted during the mixture of lye and oil...just as nature intended.

Great for people with skin problems and sensitivities.

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TeraGanix Pro Probiotic Hand Wash 2 oz Probiotic Hand Wash
Our Price: $3.99

Shabondama Bath Soap Shabondama Bath Soap
Our Price: $6.99

Apc500 1 quart Apc500 1 quart
Our Price: $24.99
Apc500 1-Gallon Apc500 1-Gallon
Our Price: $47.99

12 32-oz Apc500 12 32-0z Apc500
Our Price: $119.88
4 1-gallon Apc500 4 1-gallon Apc500
Our Price: $119.96