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Compost Tea

Compost tea is a great (and affordable) way to add billions of aerobic microbes to your soil. However, if you make compost tea with a poor quality compost, you will have poor quality compost tea. Therefore, we suggest that you make your compost with Ag1000® to ensure a high quality compost (see our composting section). Ag1000® increases the production of aerobic bacteria in compost and also speeds up the composting process. Once the compost is complete, you can make a high quality compost tea.

There are many easy guides on making compost tea. For a comprehensive overview of the instructions by the authority on compost teas see Dr. Elaine Ingham's work Understanding Compost Tea. The brewing process takes about 24 hours and requires application within 24 hours after aeration is complete.

Ag1000® to the tea after the aeration cycle will increase the biodiversity of the tea, adding in facultative microbes and extend the shelf life of the tea to about 10 days. The extended shelf life is crucial to farmers who need some extra time due to rain events or other things that come in the way.

Once the aeration cycle is completed, add Ag1000® at a rate of 1:50 (1 gallon per 55-gallon drum works great!).