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Wastewater Treatment with Effective Microorganisms®

  • Eliminate OdorsWastewater Treatment
  • Increase Plant Capacity
  • Decrease Costs of Treatment
  • More Easily Meet NPDES Requirements

    EM•1® has been in use in wastewater since the early 1980's. Municipal and Industrial wastewater operations have seen the benefits of continued application. Using EM•1® will reduce several operation costs including: chemical inputs; electricity; labor costs; and maintenance. In addition plant capacity will increase by increased nutrient digestion. TeraGanix refers to previous studies on various types of wastewater treatment systems to help provide clients with specifically-targeted programs with EM•1® that can dramatically change the wastewater treatment processes while making no changes to the current equipment. Timing, flow rates, system design, and management are all considered in developing an application program for a wastewater treatment plant and collection system (sewer). We prefer to take a holistic approach to treatment. Click here for a general overview of our approach.

    Since every treatment system is in itself a separate ecosystem, TeraGanix will custom-design each application for a wastewater treatment system after an assessment of the entire system. Contact us to put together a custom treatment plan that will fit your needs and budget.
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