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EM•X® Gold Pure Sea Salt | Natural Sea Salt Direct from the Sea

Sea water contains every element in the periodic table. Pure sea salt is known for supplying trace minerals and does not have a "salty" taste. EM Research Organization has added a little of their own twist by utilizing Dr. Teruo Higa's Effective Microorganisms Technology® to this natural sea salt. This sea salt is harvested directly from the Okinawan sea during the full moon to capture the maximum amount of energy from the ocean and the moon.

EM•X® Gold Sea Salt is harvested from a depth of 200 meters, where impurities are not found. Try this great tasting EM•X® Gold Sea Salt.

You can use it right out of the container to season foods or add this 100 gram pouch to 1.1 pounds of your favorite sea salt to transfer the energy of the EM Technology® to the salt. Simply mix in with the sea salt and let it sit for one-to-two weeks for the energy transfer.

***This product has not been reviewed by the FDA and is not intended to treat or cure any health condition. As with all dietary supplements, please consult a health care practitioner before using. The user takes full responsibility for taking this product.***

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