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EM•X® Ceramics: Natural Water Conditioning for Home, Wells & Agriculture

Ion Water Purification

Water retains traces of everything that comes into contact with it. Small particles in the water, or dissolved solids, have tiny charged ions that stick the solids to each other and to the water molecules, forming clusters of water molecules with impurities trapped inside.

To purify the water, we need to break up these molecule clusters and remove the impurities. Since the molecules are ionized, we can do this effectively by using a charge to pull the clusters apart, a process known as ion water purification.

Magnetic Water Treatments

This “pulling apart” is the basis of how magnetic water treatments work. The magnetic charge pulls the molecules apart and separates the clusters. However, the magnets do not remove all the impurities and, therefore, have a relatively short-term effect.

For day-to-day drinking water, we recommend the EM•X® Gold Beverage Stone for water jugs, kettles and coffee makers:

EM•X® Gold Ceramics are prepared by adding EM® and EM•X® Gold to a high quality Kibushi Clay from Seto City, Aichi in Japan and produced by firing at a high temperature.

Water filters

Water filters will remove impurities but the efficiency depends on the size of the filter.

EM•X® Ceramics: Home & Well Water Conditioner

The EM•X® Ceramics emit an ultrasonic frequency (around 30 kilohertz) that will cleave, or break, the water molecule and dissolved solids clusters apart. At the same time, the ceramics adsorb the impurities, making them “stick” to the surface of the ceramic unit. Over time, the pores in the ceramics will be plugged with the dissolved solids. The high temperature ceramics, i.e. K Type, Kangen, Far Infrared and 35mm pipes, can easily be cleaned and recharged by soaking them in EM•1® for 24 hours. The soft/low temperature ceramics, i.e. N and S types, are not easily cleaned and recharged, and can be disposed of in the soil.

Types of Ceramics for Natural Water Purification

K type ceramics structure water without electricity. They emit far-infrared rays. Long life (recharge by soaking in EM•1®)

N type ceramics remove nitrogen (use in aquariums).

35mm pipes also emit far-infrared rays. It has a large surface area for maximum exposure. These high-temperature ceramics are effective in clustering water and controlling odors. The 35mm pipe can be used in drinking water, storing fry oil, in bath water, and in water used for watering plants.

Using Ceramics for Natural Water Purification

Each ceramic type emits different frequencies and removes different contaminants from water. Usually they are used in combination.

The soft, low temperature, ceramics tend to break. They are porous and remove larger molecule clusters from water. These are usually disposed of in soil.

The EM® Ceramics emit an ultrasonic frequency (around 30 kilohertz) that will cleave the water molecule cluster and adsorb the impurity, removing it out of the water as it sticks to the ceramic unit. Over time, the pores in the ceramics do get plugged. They can easily be cleaned and recharged by soaking them in EM•1® for 24 hours. The soft/low temperature ceramics are not easily cleaned and recharged; therefore, they are discarded after certain periods of exposure (see product descriptions).

The video here shows how to make a "Pi Blaster" unit that is installed in a water line where circulation is possible. This unit will be used on a 5,000 gallon tank where the water is circulated to make a minimum of 4 passes. It is combined with several other units, including a large carbon filter, to remove various impurities in the water and drop the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). We use PVC piping, reducers, couplings, and plumbing primer and cement. Inside this 1 1/4" unit we insert several 35mm EM® Ceramic Pipes.

A similar unit can easily be made and installed in a household water line or for a pool. There are 2 pieces of 35mm in each pack. We recommend using about 5 packs (10 pieces) in a household unit or 1,000-gallon tank hooked up to a well. If you have a pool, a larger unit containing 10 packs per 10,000 gallons will do. [You can also add in some different ceramics in the filter baskets that have different properties such as N-Types. The K-Types and 35mm are virtually the same ceramic.]

To set install a unit, you will need to splice into the main line of the house or the circulation line in a pool. While you have the line open, we recommend the addition of an activated carbon filter and a magnet unit as well. (Call us if you are interested in ordering one directly from the manufacturer and we'll give you a referral.)

How long do the ceramics last? Forever, but they do need to be cleaned every 6 months or so by soaking in Activated EM•1® overnight. How does one do this? Make the unit so it can be removed easily. Remove the ceramics and soak in Activated EM•1® overnight (24 hours) once every 6 months. You can also treat your well water with Activated EM•1® if there are sulfur or bacteria contamination problems. "EM•X® Ceramics change the electric characters of water into states that are good for our health. This is evident in reduction of redox (oxidation-reduction). A larger positive value indicates that the water is more oxidized. Human body fluids and blood have redox values of about 250~ -250mV. It is said that a person is healthier if the values are negative." EcoPure Ceramics Edition page 11.

***This product has not been reviewed by the FDA and is not intended to treat or cure any health condition. The user takes full responsibility for using this product.***

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