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Odor Control

Controlling livestock odors with EM•1®EM•1® can help control the tremendous amounts of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide often found on livestock operations. Both of these gases can cause health problems and physical damage to animals, negatively affecting farm performance. At very high concentrations ammonia and hydrogen sulfide become lethal.

The goal is to reduce, or eliminate, the ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Beneficial microbes naturally break down ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Poultry houses using EM•1® have had ammonia levels as low as 0ppm with an average of 5-6ppm. Odors are produced in putrefactive environments. EM•1® has an antioxidant effect on manures and will resist putrefaction, preventing noxious odors.

Using EM•1® not only helps control odors, additionally a simple and affordable maintenance plan also leads to increased production, decreased condemnation rates, and increased feed conversion, thereby increasing the grower's profits all by improving the air quality and overall environment of the operation. We often find that the benefits of using EM•1® will more than pay for the costs, sometimes as much as three times the cost be achieved.

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