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EM•1® is loaded with antioxidants which help prevent rust and other corrosion on equipment, eliminate odors, and clean water. Using it regularly in animal exhibits will keep the equipment clean and odor and rust-free. Zoos can benefit from various application points with EM•1® here are a few quick tips:

  • Spray Animal Exhibits for odor control two to three times per week
  • Apply to Tanks/Aquariums to clarify the water as a monthly maintenance.
  • Collect and treat manure with EM•1® to produce compost for landscaping
  • Collect food waste at eating establishments and ferment using EM•1® Bokashi. The materials can then be added to worm bins, fed to animals, added to compost piles, or buried in the ground.
  • In the kitchens and bathrooms, use an EM•1® and non-antibacterial soap solution with water for washing counters, floors, walls, windows, refrigeration units, stoves, and carpets. Dump solution down drain to add more bacteria to the system.
  • Pour EM•1® into grease traps drains.
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