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Effective Microorganisms® in Agriculture

Dr. Teruo Higa pioneered the methodology of repeated applications of inoculating soils and plants with microbes in farming systems. The USDA learned of Effective Microorganisms® in the early 1990's and experimented with it finding many beneficial effects for cropping systems. Today, Ag1000®, a ready to use concentrate of Effective Microorganisms®, is offered for large commercial clients that are looking for hundreds of gallons of product at a time. Ag1000 is available in 55-gallon, 275-gallon, and in bulk delivery over 1,000 gallons through TeraGanix, Inc. and our licensed manufacturers in the United States. Ag1000® is ONLY available in the continental US.

Ag1000® is not a fertilizer. It is a complex, fermented liquid containing live naturally-occurring, NON-GMO microbes and their metabolites. It makes nutrients more available to plants, however, you still need to use Ag1000® in conjunction with fertilizers. It is used to improve soil tilth in all soil types. Ag1000® is available in two forms: Conventional and Ag1000® Organic (OMRI Listed).


Farmer's Blend (Southern California) call: 805-648-4006
Western Blend (New Mexico)
Green Earth Alaska (Alaska)
Dirk's Bio Products (Missouri)
Integrated Bio Products (Colorado) call: 970-843-1583

Foliar sprays of Ag1000® are most effective when applied either early mornings or late evening. For soils, the key to success with Effective Microorganisms® is to apply lots of organic matter (available carbon) with it to provide a home and food for the microorganisms. Humates are a great source of available carbon. Humified compost is also a great source of carbon, fungi, and micronutrients. Conventional farmers can use
Ag1000® with most of thier long as they do not mix synthetic chemicals with the microbes in concentrated, non-diluted, form. In other words, do not store the Ag1000® in a tank with fertilizers or pesticides. Many pesticides, such as RoundUp are antibiotic in nature and kill all the microbes within seconds of mixing. Therefore, if pesticides are to be used, please wait at least 48 hours between applications of pesticide and Ag1000®.

Benefits of
Ag1000® :

- Promotes soil aggregate formation and soil compaction resistance.
- Improves seed germination and root development.
- Increases nutrient availability.
- Improves crop quality: size, color, and shelf life.
- Helps improve soil structure and porosity.
- Maximizes conversion of organic matter into soil humus.
- Increases beneficial native microbial populations.

Uses: For all horticultural applications.

Directions: (Please visit each sub category above for more detailed applications per crop) Apply
Ag1000® through an irrigation system, boom sprayer, backpack sprayer, fan sprayer, hand pump sprayer, or an electrostatic sprayer. Ag1000® can be applied once a week during periods of extreme drought or rain and once a month for maintenance.

Call TeraGanix for Availability and Pricing of Ag1000®: 866.369.3678.