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Fats Oils & Grease

The product is injected in the inflow line, at a rate of 1:1,000 on a daily basis. A siphon/venturi unit, to control the flow rate, can be installed on site to work on a pressurized trigger or an injection pump. For best results, we generally do all grease applications with specially-formulated version of EM•1® Waste Treatment.

EM•1® Waste Treatment lowers the cloud point of the fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) within the trap, eliminating the formation of parafins, thereby reducing gas pockets of H2S gas formed around putrefactive food particles.This is evidenced by a reduction of BOD and COD, after application directly into grease traps, within the waste stream.

EM•1® Waste Treatment improves efficiency of treatment plant skimmer tanks to capture a greater amount of grease.

Biological polishing of the sewer pipes occurs as the EM•1®
Waste Treatment is seeded throughout the collection system, thus reducing clogging and crowning from saponifiable or non-saponifiable grease.

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