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Livestock Applications

Livestock Solutions

Livestock Odor Control with EM•1®In this section we are providing you with several of the most common application solutions with EM•1® Microbial Inoculant and EM•1® Waste Treatment for livestock operations including odors and problems associated with foul odors, manure management, and lagoon management.

A great benefit with EM•1® is that it is not specific to a type of animal. If you are raising hogs, the benefits you are looking for will be slightly different than someone that is growing chickens, however, the effect on ammonia is the same and the application rate is about the same as well. This means, if you are raising mink, sheep or goats, horses, or any number of animal, you can follow the guidelines we give you here in this section.

Please visit EMRO Japan's website, to find studies from over 100 countries using Dr. Higa's Original EM•1® products on virtually any animal that is commercially raised.