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Solid Waste

Wt1000™ can control odor and increase compaction rates if used on a regular basis. The beneficial microbes in the Wt1000™ will stop pathogenic microbial growth (as has been laboratory tested) and set the growing conditions for other beneficial microbes in the landfill which will increase the decomposition of the organic matter in the landfill. At this ratio, the methanogenic groups of microbes will be suppressed and methane gas will not be produced.
1. Mix 100 gallons Wt1000™ in 5,000-gallons of water in a water truck (1:50 ratio) which is normally used for dust control and for compaction.

This spraying ratio will knock out any surface odors immediately and can be sprayed on any odorous materials.This same ratio can be used to spray for odor control around dumpsters, transfer stations, or areas where odors are a nuisance.
2. For Daily Cover Material:
Daily cover made of organic material can be mixed with Wt1000™ at a rate of 1.5 gallons per ton of material.
Incorporating as much as possible into materials such as sludge will have a longer impact.
Wt1000™ can be applied through bioreactors as well. The application ratio will be 1 part EM•1® to 1,000 gallons of water.

3. Leachate ponds and runoff collection ditches can all be treated for odor control at a ration of 1 part Wt1000 to 1,000 parts water.
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