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Shrimp grown with EMCommercial aquaculture covers a variety of crops from vegetables to fish to shrimp. The system designs vary from indoor systems to outdoor pond systems. Depending on the fish, the water may be fresh, brackish, or salt water. Another factor to consider is the evaporation rate.

can be used effectively in ponds and aquaculture systems. A tremendous amount of information on the various styles of fish farms ranging from shrimp farms in Thailand that are in the ocean to catfish farms in China has been generated over the years on EM•1® in large-scale aquaculture operations.

Fish farms often struggle with over-stocking of the farms and creation of excess ammonium nitrogen in the water. The over-stocking creates an over-population problem and too much wastes cause the fish to be susceptible to diseases. The concentration of wastes increases (BOD) microbial activity and drops dissolved oxygen (DO) in the ponds or tanks, starving the fish from oxygen. This stresses the animals and can kill them. EM•1® Microbial Inoculant is effective at controlling these issues.

EM1 used

No EM1 used

The application ratio for water applications are the same across the board, whether a fresh water pond or a stock pond. It is one part EM•1® Microbial Inoculant per 10,000 parts water in the system. Frequency of application varies according to the type of fish grown and the type of system being used. Sometimes a weekly application is done, alternating EM5 with EM•1®.

Please visit our Aquaculture Solutions page for more details on applications of Activated EM•1® in aquaculture.

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