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Enhance Organic Compost Tea with EM•1® Facultative Microbes

Compost Tea Brewer with EM•1®Compost tea is a liquid extract made from aerobically bubbling air through compost in order to grow aerobic microbes. The composting tea’s quality is directly related to the quality of the compost and has a very short shelf life, roughly 12-24 hours. The aerobic microbes require air to stay alive. Once the air is gone, they start to die off. The quality of the tea is dependent on the quality of the compost and cleanliness of the containers. For this reason, organic compost tea quality varies from batch to batch as the microbial populations vary with each new batch.

EM•1® contains facultative microbes, is consistent in quality, and is very stable, with a shelf life of several years. Adding EM•1® facultative microbes to the compost process enhances the organic compost process and ensures consistently high quality compost tea.

The picture shown is a commercial-sized tea brewer used at Harding Golf Course in San Francisco. They brew compost tea and inoculate with EM•1® Microbial Inoculant as part of their greens program.

We recommend you make your composting tea with EM•1® Microbial Inoculant to ensure a high quality compost (see our composting section). Once the compost is complete, you can make a high quality compost tea. For helpful tips and guides to using EM Technology® see below or click on Solutions above.
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