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Effective Microorganisms® for Environmental Applications

Bioremediation bacteria for corrosion control, septic tank cleaning and wastewater odor control

Microorganisms cleaned the Earth in its early stages when it was polluted, helped create the oceans, rivers, and soil, and helped maintain an environment in which living things could thrive. But nowadays we are inundated with chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, phosphorous, and run off water from homes and industry that pollutes our rivers and oceans. What’s more, humans are insisting on a fanatical cleanliness that has led to the production of antibacterial products whose aim is to eliminate microorganisms. This is rather like throwing the baby out with the bathwater as most living things - and that includes every human being - need beneficial microorganisms to survive and thrive.

Imagine if a large amount of polluted organic matter is released into a river. Without sufficient microorganisms to break down that organic matter before it reaches the ocean, eutrophication (rotting) will occur, and an abnormal amount of plankton will appear. Too much plankton leads to a lack of oxygen in the ocean, and abnormal occurrences of red tide and other phenomenon. Of course, if there is not enough oxygen on the ocean surface and below, fish and the types of seaweed that purify the oceans will die out. With polluted oceans, the ability to purify the Earth’s environment will decrease even further. This is not just confined to the oceans, however. In an environment unfriendly to microorganisms the plant-soil cycle will be disrupted.

For decades, environmental groups have been discussing such challenges. EM·1® bioremediation bacteriais naturally occurring soil based beneficial microorganisms that provide an effective biological solution to many environmental problems such as corrosion control, cleaning septic tanks and controlling wastewater odor. EM·1® is easy to use and cost effective because it does not require changes to the existing treatment and collection system and application equipment is relatively inexpensive.
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EM-1 Waste Treatment EM-1 Waste Treatment

Industrial formula for treatment of waste water, solid wastes, odor control, and bioremediation.

32oz EM-1 Septic Treatment 1 Quart EM-1 Septic Treatment

32oz EM-1 Septic Treatment.
Labeled for use in Septic Systems, RV's, Boats, Portable Toilets, Composting toilets, etc.
Registered for sale in the state of Washington.

List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $35.00

5 gallon EM1 Waste Treatment EM-1 Waste Treatment-5 Gallon - 5-gallon

5-gallon EM-1 Waste Treatment

List Price: $290.00
Our Price: $290.00