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Odor Control of Solid Wastes with EM•1®

Solid Waste

Landfills are maintained under strict regulations that require daily covers, dust control, odor control, and leachate management for air and groundwater protection. Landfill managers are concerned with these factors and compaction rates as well. Landfill gases are required to be captured as they could be explosive and are often flared because they are loaded with impurities that prevent them from being efficient energy sources. Increasing compaction rates and cleaning the gases with Effective Microorganisms™ so they can be used could save taxpayers millions of dollars per month on a national level.

Odor and Dust Control:
Using EM•1® in the daily cover and in the water trucks that are used to control dust, odor, and increase compaction rates, are simple ways to better-manage a landfill. EM•1® will eliminate odor on contact, making for better neighbor relations and better working conditions for employees. Hydrogen sulfide has been implicated in breathing problems in a study in Ohio. EM•1® has been proven to eliminate H2S, in wastewater treatment, which can contribute to worker safety.

Leachate and Landfill Gases:
H2S is a contaminant to the landfill gas. Removing it will clean the gas and make it burn more efficiently. Some landfills, depending on the amount of organic materials that are added to them, will produce varying amounts of methane gas and leachate. Landfill operations that separate organic matter going into the landfill will not produce a significant amount of methane, yet they are still required to install gas collection systems. EM•1® has been shown in several countries the possibility of eliminating the production of methane gas in the first place, eliminating the need for the expensive gas collection system. The eventual goal is to see that large amounts of EM•1® are added to the leachate and the incoming wastes to detoxify the leachate, eliminating the worries of groundwater contamination. More research is needed. However, based on research in other areas of waste treatment, there is a high probability of achieving these goals.
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