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Cleaning Ponds

Water gardens offer household gardeners some variety in landscape plantings. These small ponds develop their own ecosystem that can often go out of balance. If the water is left stagnant for too long, mosquitoes will start to inhabit the area, algae begins to form in the water, and odors can start to develop. Adding in a water feature, such as a fountain, that moves the water can reduce these problems. Depending on the water quality, however, algae and calcium deposits may still form. You can help maintain water clarity with EM•1®.

Using EM•1® once per month will keep enough beneficial microbes in the system to keep nutrient levels low enough to prevent the growth of algae. EM•1® also has the ability to neutralize salts, such as calcium, and prevent them from crystallizing on surfaces. It will also clean the crystallized salts off the surfaces it is in contact with.

EM•1® is applied once per month at a rate of 1 part EM•1® for every 10,000 parts water. Higher concentrations are not necessary under normal conditions. Allow several weeks for the EM•1® to work. Some slime (muck) from the bottom will slowly rise to the surface. Leave it and let nature do its thing as it will disappear shortly.
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