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Orchards & Vineyards

We recommend directly applying EM•1® Microbial Inoculant to the soil or to make high quality composts with EM•1® Microbial Inoculant. When it comes to trees, shrubs and vines the applications are often foliar (sprayed on the leaves). EM-1 Microbial Inoculant is mixed with nutirents and sprayed on the plants in the early evening. This is called "foliar feeding". Additionally, we recommend the use of organic composts that can be dug into the soil along the drip line of the trees or shrubs.

By combining foliar and soil applications (of EM-1 Microbial Inoculant and fertilzer) and amending the soil with lots of organic matter around the trees and shrubs, insect infestation can be deterred by encouraging healthy plants and soil.

For all orchards, trees and vines, prunings can be chopped and inoculated with EM•1® and incorporated right in the rows to add microbes, accelerate breakdown, and add organic matter all at the same time. This is especially beneficial for areas that have placed bans on burning plant materials and for operations with limited space.

For detailed information on applying Activated EM•1® in orchard operations, please visit our Orchard/Vineyard Solutions section.

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