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Below are links to some complimentary products for gardening and landscaping.

Green Organics- Compost tea makers for commercial and home use. Compost teas can be improved by applying EM•1® Microbial Inoculant at the end of the brew cycle. For more information, visit our Compost Tea section.

DIY Pest Control-Neat infographic on various natural pest control methods anyone can use

Organic Gardening How To Blog -
A great place to find all your organic garden needs!

Organic Green
A site to ask and answer questions about the following topics. organic gardening, gardening,organic, wildlife gardening, composting, square foot gardening, grow your own, vegetable growing

Bugabay Company- GREEN SOLUTIONS The BugaBay Company provides green, sustainable solutions for the organic gardener. The BayaBay Garden team is committed to the creation of new innovative products and information that promotes organic gardening, composting and sustainability. Our line of products is designed to simplify and increase then success of your gardening efforts.

Organic Gardening For Life-
Organic Gardening For Life is your Do-It-Youself guide for beginners and experts alike. Now is the time to take control of your health. You will learn the How's and Why's of increasing soil fertility with humates and other organic amendments that will increase yields and provide healthy, nutrient dense vegetables.

Dripworks logo DripWorks provides a complete line of water-wise drip irrigation products for the home gardener, landscaper, and farmer. It is the responsibility of all of us to live more sustainable lives, which is why DripWorks is committed to helping you conserve water.