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Greenhouse and Nursery Production with Effective Microorganisms®

Apply Ag1000® in the irrigation system, cooling pad system, and as a greenhouse glazing rinse to keep systems running optimally. Ag1000® will help reduce overall greenhouse maintenance costs by reducing mineral deposits and increase the functional life of cooling pads, glazing, and irrigation.

Whether you are using an ebb and flood system, drip irrigation, and/or boom sprayers, you'll want to get a steady application of Ag1000® in the water for your plants. The regular application will help keep your lines clean, floors clean, as well as help the plants.


  • Building maintenance: Spray greenhouse glazing with Ag1000® diluted to 1oz per gallon of water (1:128) weekly or bi-weekly to clean glazing and maximize light transfer.
  • Hydrate potting soil (same for soil less mixes) with 4 ounces of Ag1000® per 100 pounds of soil mix.
  • Foliar spray at least once per week at a rate of 0.5-1oz Ag1000® per gallon of water.
  • If irrigating daily, inject at a rate of 1/7oz Ag1000® per gallon per day (about 1:1,000).
  • If using a water re-circulation system, inoculate at 1:500 and maintain dilution using injectors. You may find the need to flush the system from time to time. Water quality and hardness and nutrient usage will determine the cycles of cleaning and purging.
  • Add EM•1® Bokashi to the growing media at 1-5% of the total volume of material.
  • Compost plant residues at a rate of 1 gallon Ag1000® per cubic yard of materials.

This video is from a farm growing rose for cut flowers. They are now focusing on a fully biological approach using Ag1000®, beneficial fungi, fungi extracts, and integrated pest management (IPM).

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