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Livestock Applications

Effective Microorganisms® has a long history of use in livestock operations. It can be used for odor control, for lagoon and solid waste management (bokashi or compost), and for crops. Virtually every type of animal raised in a commercial farm has been treated with EM at one time or another. There are studies on cattle, hogs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, all sorts of aquatic animals, even turtles, elephants and hippos (see the information on zoos)!

For large commercial operations we sell ready-to-use products that are only available through salespeople or by calling us directly (866-369-3678). These formulations are available for specific operations by animal type: hogs, horses, poultry, dairy, etc. Suggested programs are broken down in the categories above.

Sizes available for these operations are 55-gallon barrel, 275-gallon tote, or via tanker deliver. Please call for rate quotes.