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How does Pro EM•1® compare with other probiotics on the market? Why is it better?
Pro EM•1® contains a very broad spectrum of microbes. They are all live microbes, which makes them more viable to support a healthy digestive system. It also contains a variety of enzymes, antioxidants (vitamins and trace minerals) and other micronutrients.

Most probiotics on the market are either freeze dried or single-genus probiotics. Freeze drying causes cellular damage, resulting in lower performance. Lack of species diversity also results in lower performance. Most liquid probiotics are unstable at room temperature because they of the way they are cultured.

Pro EM•1® is stable at temperatures from 38ºF to 140ºF. It is not make with freeze dried microbes. It contains all naturally-occurring microbes and their metabolites and microbes from multiple genus and types.

How many bacteria are in it?
The guarantee is a minimum of one million colony forming units per mililiter (cfu/ml). They include the following species:
Lactobacillus casei

What else is in Pro EM•1®?
Purified water, Certified Organic Molasses, Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Certified Organic Honey and all of the natural by-products of fermentation (vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, organic acids, etc).

Should I refrigerate Pro EM•1®?
Pro EM•1® does not need to be refrigerated. However, if you prefer, you may refrigerate it.

I do not eat sugars. I am on a low glycemic diet. Can I still take Pro EM•1®?
Pro EM•1® is made with molasses and honey, however, both are digested during the fermentation process. By the time it is ready to sell, there is no sugar left in the product. It will not affect blood sugar negatively.

How much Pro EM•1® should I take?
If just beginning, take one teaspoon per day and build up to the recommended daily dose of 1 tablespoon per day.

Is Pro EM•1® that same as EM•1®?
No, it contains different species of microbes and is manufactured in a different manner than EM•1® specifically for human consumption.

Can I activate Pro EM•1®?
No. It is not the same as EM•1®.

Will this help me if I have a yeast infection? (Candida albicans)
Yes, Pro EM•1® is able to control Candida (the yeast that causes yeast infections). You will want to start your daily amount at 1-3 teaspoons per day and increase to 4-6 ounces per day until all symptoms disappear. Increase as your tolerance builds. Drink a little throughout the day. It should take one to two weeks to get rid of it, depending on how bad/chronic the infection is.

Does Pro EM•1® contain any GMO ingredients?
No. The microbes are not genetically manipulated in any way. All the other ingredients are either non-gmo or certified organic. The entire fermentation process is a natural process and everything produced by the microbes during fermentation is left in the finished product.