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TeraGanix Blog: Organic Farming, Soil Treatments, Composting & More!

Make the Switch to Organic Septic Treatments

How much do you know about your septic system? While a relatively hands-off waste management process, there’s a lot going on below the surface… literally...... read more

The Environmental Benefits of Organic Septic Treatments

Approximately, twenty-five percent of households in the U.S. utilize a septic system. If you’re a homeowner with a septic tank, then you should be familiar with the warning signs of a failing system..... read more

Health Benefits of Probiotics & Fermented Foods

If you have ever heard about "good bacteria" and want to learn more about its benefits, Teraganix has your answers! Learn what you can achieve with probiotics and what foods you can find them in.... read more

Treating Your Septic Tank Organically

A septic tank holds waste water from the home. Solid debris settles as the bottom of the tank to form a sludge layer. Lighter waste rises to the top, forming the scum layer. Clarified liquid makes up the in-between, and flows into an outlet pipe and eventually dissipates through a drain field.... read more

Seed Starting: Starting And Protecting Your Plants Indoors

Spring is a time for many people to being planting new crops or flowers. No matter what zone you live in, there is an ideal amount of time the plant needs to be growing before the weather turns in order to produce the best results.... read more

Commercial Composting: Get Started In Your Town Or City

Composting commercially is a growing trend in green movement cities such as Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Find out the benefits, hold backs, and how to get started locally.... read more

Replace Chemical Plant Food With EM Technology

Man made plant food often contains a number of chemicals that are not the best for you or the environment. There are so many different types of ways to improve the look and health of your garden without having to spend a fortune. There are also a number of eco-friendly ways to improve your garden without the use of harmful chemicals..... read more

EM Technology & Food Storage

Learn about preserving your food for up to two weeks longer with our effective microorganism technology. EM resealable bags are infused with these microorganisms to improve your food storage, resulting in savings in money and effort!... read more

Homeopathic Remedies Can Help Serious Problems

More now than ever, people are turning to homeopathic and natropathic methods, remedies and treatments to help ease some of the discomfort, pain and symptoms that they feel from their digestive troubles... read more

Alternative Dental Care & Oral Health Products

It is becoming more and more popular that people are searching for alternative healthcare options. Traditional medicine is just not the answer for everyone's health issues any longer.... read more

Curing Your Holiday Tummy Aches

Many of us have already indulged in a number of sweet treats from all of the Halloween parties and Halloween candy that hung around for the past month. However, the holiday season is upon us and the number of sweet treats don't stop there... read more

Effective Microorganisms (EM) & Caring for your Home

Effective Microorganisms can help with a variety of processes throughout your daily life. Why not let them help you keep your home clean? EM technology can be used to improve the cleaning activities that you do every day... read more

The Candida Conundrum: Digestive Cleanses

Doing a Candida cleanse is a great way to try and break down Candida yeast within the body. Probiotics are a great way to control the levels of yeast living within the body. Combining a Candida cleanse with an anti-Candida diet can work together to help lower levels of Candida, and improve your overall health... read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Composting

Composting is the process of recycling food waste to create nutrient-rich humus that can promote plant growth by revitalizing depleted soil. It’s a simple way of recycling organic matter to create a fertilizer and soil amendment. Compost is key in organic farming and is also used in gardens, landscaping and agriculture... read more

Transition Your Garden into Autumn

The summer days are winding down and it's time to start conditioning your garden for a new season. While summer is certainly a high season for gardening a variety of crops, the mild temperatures of Autumn can be great environments for some vegetables to absolutely thrive. Here are some things to do (and not do) to be successful during this season... read more

Health Benefits of Eating Fermented Foods

Fermented foods have been getting a lot of attention recently and it's becoming common knowledge that preserving foods this way awards us with a plethora of health benefits. From aiding digestion, boosting our immune system, producing healthy hormones, and even helping to prevent depression, the benefits seem almost too good to be true. ... read more

Natural Oral Care – A Safer Alternative to Disease Prevention

When it comes to having healthy teeth and gums, prevention is key. Because many dental issues stem from gum disease, using natural dental products can continue to keep your mouth happy and healthy. According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, about 75% of Americans have some kind of gum disease. Therefore, regular dentist visits are imperative to diagnose and treat any early signs of disease. Regular visits will also decrease the amount of time you have to spend.. read more

Liquid Probiotics – The Good Bacteria

Probiotics are a group of bacteria that occur naturally in your body. These bacteria are also found in common foods, such as yogurts and also over the counter supplements and liquid supplements. Probiotics are there to help control the harmful in your body and digestive tract. The “good” bacteria, AKA probiotics, aids in.. read more

Boosting Your Immune System with Enzyme Drinks

Enzymes are essential when it comes to a healthy digestive system. However, they also play a part in supporting a healthy immune system. Enzymes are secreted by the digestive organs to assist in breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They also contribute in absorbing the nutrients released from those components and eliminate what cannot be used. Without enzymes, the food we eat for breakfast lunch and dinner would just sit in our stomachs and slowly rot. There are several different kinds of enzymes that each have specific roles: those that break down fat, handle carbohydrates.. read more

The New & Improved EM-X Gold & The Immune System Benefits

Consuming vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system is one way to protect your body from illness & disease. Drinking a beverage that has immune system boosting qualities is an effective way to get those nutrients to you quickly & easy. Juicing fruits and vegetables is a common method due to their many antioxidants and vitamins. However, immune system booster drinks, such as EM-X Gold, are on the rise. EM-X Gold’s formula has been modified to provide you with optimum health benefits. By ingesting these drinks on a regular basis, you are decreasing your risk.. read more

Ag1000™ Case Study

Ag1000 is a concentrate that is commonly used for farming and agricultural purposes. In greenhouse trials, it is has shown to suppress certain pathogens and diseases. When it was used on pepper plants, Ag1000 was able to protect the plants against Phytophthora disease for up to 4.. read more

How to Make Bokashi: Bokashi Composting

Bokashi composting has numerous positive impacts over conventional or traditional composting. Rather than using heat oxidation, the anaerobic fermentation process that Bokashi composting utilizes requires no oxygen and takes less time to break down food matter! In addition to that, Bokashi composting has the ability to break down many types of animal based food in addition.. read more

Soil Conditioner & The Benefits of Using it in Your Garden

Soil conditioner is a substance produced from organic or nonorganic matter. When the conditioner is incorporated into and mixed with your garden soil, it improves the soil properties and adds slow releasing nutrients. It is commonly used for a variety of gardening projects. Weed seeds will be eliminated with this naturally composted material. Over time, soil tends to become compacted, which is bad... read more

The Benefits of Enzyme Drinks

Many people balance their diet with healthy foods that include enzymes and probiotic supplements that occur naturally in the food that they eat. While these naturally occurring instances of enzymes & probiotic supplements can be a great part of a healthy diet, sometimes it's best to add a quality probiotic supplement or enzyme drink to your diet! These drinks add another level of support to your digestive system, your immune system and the balance of vitamins and minerals within... read more

Probiotic Supplements: Health Benefits For You!

Probiotics can help improve your quality of life! With an increasing amount of research pointing to the strong benefits of probiotic supplements, now is the time to learn about the health benefits that probiotics can provide for you. By adding probiotic supplements to your daily routine, you can greatly improve the health of your digestive system without upsetting the balance of the "good" bacteria within... read more

Soil Conditioner: Improve Your Gardening Effectively!

With Spring & Summer just around the corner, many home gardeners are starting to plan and plant for the upcoming gardening season. Unfortunately, many areas of the country have soil which is not conducive to effective plant growth. Soil lacking proper nutrients & enzymes can greatly diminish the yield of your vegetables and plants! Fortunately, there are natural and effective soil conditioners available that can make a massive impact on the growth of your... read more

Convenient Composting

Many people have heard of composting but have been hesitant to give it a try, so we're here to pose the question: what's stopping you from composting? The environmental benefits are extremely significant plus you can produce your own quality gardening product which will save you money! Still not convinced? We'll go over some of the reasons why composting is a great idea and show you how anyone in any living situation and have the space... read more