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Thank you for getting my order off to me so promptly - it arrived today! good time, too, as the travel trailer toilet was in sore need. One small dose and the smell has gone - wow!
Best wishes & thanks again -
Anthea G
My name is Alice H, a teacher at El Marino Language School in Culver City, California. Every year we have a garden and have been using EM·1® for the past 10+ years. The students love the garden and the vegetables grow very well with the EM·1®. We also make EM·1® Bokashi and sell it at our school festival to raise money for the garden for the next year.
Thank you,
Alice H
El Marino Language School
3rd Grade Teacher
I have been using EM·1® products for about 3 years now , and have introduced many others to the fantastic product. I consider it to be "yogurt-for-the-planet" as it corrects the bacterial flora of whatever it is used on, and is amazing as a compost starter. So, to summarize, I use it for cleaning and gardening. It is fully advocated by the New Zealand government on their agricultureal website, and they are at the cutting edge of environmentalism. Thanks for supplying such a useful product.
Dan H, Ph. D.
I love EM·1®. I use it for everything, cleaning to brushing my teeth to put it in my breakfast, in my garden.
Ingrid D.
I had some cut flowers and put a teaspoon of EM·1® in the water of the vase and it's been 8 days know and they still are as fresh November 2009 013.jpgas the day I bought them!!!
Also, my houseplants are absolutely happy after applying EM·1® to them and the lettuce in my earthbox...whoa!! check out the picture!
What a product!
Dave D.
San Jose, CA

I have been using EM·1®in the gallons for years and all my plants are growing bigger and much more tolerant of temperature extremes.

Thanks so much,
Kelly J.
I learned about EM·1® about two years ago and my vegetable yields have doubled and my wife everything taste better. Hell, I just picked my last egg plants today and that's after two frosts. The stuff just makes ALL plants bigger, healthier and much more hardy. I love EM·1® and will continue using it as long as I garden. By the way, I let my bride use some on her flowers and was she amazed.
Capt. Bob Dykes,
Controlled Insanity Fishing Charters

I have used EM·1® on carpet that was both stained and smelling. The stain and the smell were suspected to be from bodily fluids but not urine. I used it in dilution, which was about 2 or 3 capfuls or two in a liter spray bottle with water. I sprayed the stain and the general area of the stain. The smell would go fairly quickly, but not the stain. I continued to spray every day for a couple of weeks, and the smell went completely and has never come back. The stain faded but could still be made out.
I also used EM·1® on a new sofa that had been treated to be fire retardant and smelled of chemicals so badly I didn't want to be in the room with it. I used EM·1® in dilution which was about 2 or 3 capfuls in a liter spray bottle with water. I sprayed all over the sofa, being careful not to soak it. The smell was improved immediately. After 4 or 5 applications on separate days, the smell was gone.
Anne F.
I've just recently started taking the Pro EM·1® Probiotic and I am already noticing a very positive impact on my digestive system. I am so pleased with the results that I've already place another order! The customer service of TeraGanix, along with the fast delivery, are amazing!
T.V. San Francisco, CA