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Keynote Speech from 2nd Medical Conference

As introduced by the former speaker, indeed EM® possesses a very wide diversity of supernatural properties. It remains very difficult to explain these properties from the scientific concepts that we have acquired so far. Conventionally, there is the concept of entropy. Entropy refers to the concept that all substances that posses energy invevitably lose the energy, degenerate, and finally perish leaving pollution behind.This is what is called the law of increase of entropy. However, when EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant is used, the pollution is transformed to energy, and this energy becomes materialized. By this means, the order of substance is recovered perfectly. Through this process, we can observe the phenomenon of rejuvenation. Since I could not find a term to describe such phenomenon, when I attended the EM ® conference in Africa in 1999, I coined the term "syntropy" as an alternate term to explain the phenomenon of rejuvenation that I just described. I would like you to have an understanding that syntropy is a term that explains the collective phenomenon of rejuvenation.

In the exhibition hall, you will find a house made with EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant. There you will see exhibition photographs. Among them, when an EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant sheet was cultured with cancer cells, almost all the cancer cells disappeared, whereas in the case of an ordinary sheet, the whole sheet will be covered with cancer cells. This is also a syntropy phenomenon.

I shall give some examples of the mysterious nature about the syntrophy phenomenon. For example, free radicals that are the major cause of human diseases are produced under various circumstances. The first free radicals produced are superoxides. These superoxides are removed by SOD active enzyme. Subsequent metabolism produces hydrogen peroxide. To eliminate this hydrogen peroxide, enzymes other than SOD active enzymes are needed. When these enzymes are not adequately active, hydroxyl radicals will be produced and become even stronger radicals. Including these pathways, four species of free radicals are produced. Four different enzymes act specifically on these four types of free radicals. Therefore, when we discover an enzyme that removes one type of the free radicals, this enzyme will act on step 1, but it has no effect on step 2 or step 3. An enzyme that is active in step 2 will have no effect on step 1, etc. We thus have this rather fragmented sort of situation. Therefore, when we first studied free radicals, we thought that strengthening SOD alone would do the job, but now we know that is does not work that way.

It is the same for iron. By adding EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant, or by adding EM-X ® Gold and EM-X® Ceramics, and processing repeated at high temperature, the iron acquires properties like titan.

In August, I was shown a Nissan diesel car that used EM-Z (no longer available) and EM-Z in engine oil and car body, and this car has already ran 370 thousand kilometers. Despite having ran for 370 thousand kilometers, the car has changed into a fantastic car that if you look at it from a slight distance, the car gives the illusion that it is made of total alloy. I have also seen a car with EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant specification in Taiwan, which also ran 450 thousand kilometers. An ordinary car would have been scrapped after about 100 thousand kilometers. Despite having extended the running life 4-5 times, the function has not deteriorated. There is no need to change any parts at all. Something incredible has taken place.

At the library of Gushikawa City, the toilet water processing and recycling machine has been working for 10 years and none of the parts have been changed. Moreover, the parts immersed in the processing water containing EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant are shiny as new. It is understandable if the machine has worked 1 year or 2 years, but 10 years have passed and the machine is as good as new.

The same applies to human diseases. For example, when diseases with multiple symptoms such as hypertension and diabetes occur, the cells are swollen and are in a state of increased entropy. By taking EM-X ® Sea Salt, drinking EM-X ® Gold, and wearing clothes treated with EM-X ® Ceramics and using EM•1® Microbial Inoculant in every aspect of your daily life, the disease is gradually cured and one witnesses a phenomenon that the patient becomes so healthy that it is totally unbelievable. Unlike the conventional causal relation (that is, when a patient takes drug A, the response to this drug results in cure of the disease) the mechanism in the case of EM Technology ® is that the preexisting tissue and cell returns to a normal state one by one. In other words, it is a move toward the direction of rejuvenation, that is, stopping the increase of entropy or conversely converting the increased entropy into energy toward the direction of syntropy. If we do not reason this way, we cannot interpret this phenomenon.

We have come to realize that when we drink EM-X ® Gold, all four types of free radicals in the body are eliminated at the same time. The fact that one substance is capable of eliminating all the free radicals goes against conventional knowledge. Apart from the elimination of active oxygen species, we must consider the possibility that other mechanisms such as prevention of generation of active oxygen may act simultaneously.

When one compares EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant with various enzyme activities that degrade plants and organic substances, EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant acts at a much faster speed. We know that the enzyme dehydrogenase works at a fantastic speed and degrades harmful substances. In the body, all the harmful substances generated under anaerobic conditions become hydroxyl compounds, but the speed of eliminating the hydrogen also proceeds at a fast speed. Furthermore, the process continues as a chain reaction. This knowledge has been gained through studies in the areas of agriculture and husbandry. EM-X ® Gold also activated all the enzymes in the body. We have begun to understand the mechanisms as follows.

One of the amazing powers of EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant and EM-X® Gold is the antioxidant effect.

The second is the deionization effect, which is the effect of preventing the acquisition of electrical charges [EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant can cause a net neutral charge in mediums to which it is applied.]. The meaning of carrying electrical charges signifies that the substance is deteriorating, and when it disintegrates it begins to carry electrical charges. Dirt is due to such a phenomenon. For light and heat, when they degrade they become electromagnetic wave-and-static electricity and carry electrical charges. All these reflect the phenomenon that entropy is increased. Applications of EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant stops this phenomenon of carrying electrical charges. This property is being applied to detergents and energy-saving technology.

When EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant is used during laundry cleaning, no foam is formed but the dirt is removed. This is because the dirt is attached as a result of oxidized substance carrying electrical charges. Ordinary laundry uses surface active detergent to remove dirt. However, since the electrical charges remain on the clothing, over 10% of the dirt reattaches to the laundry as soil redeposition. In the case of EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant, soil redeposition does not occur because of the strong deionizing effect. It is appropriate to see this as fundamentally acting on oxidization and electrical charge carriage as the mechanism of wastewater.

Ultimately, I think wave is the fundamental element of the syntropy phenomenon. I explain this wave as gravitational waves. From among the various harmful energies, gravitational waves resonate with the magnetic portion and take up the energy. Usually when we use any kind of energy, it is changes into various waves. When a substance disintegrates, it emits gamma rays first, and then breaks up into X-ray, ultra violet ray, visible light, infra red light, far infrared light, microwave, and acoustic waves. These changing waves consist of both electric fields and magnetic fields. The results of my investigations so far seem to indicate that the wave which I assume to be gravitational wave, has a magnetic field or no electrical field. What is more it is a form of wave, and some kind of particles, and is something which is most difficult among the quantum theory and most difficult to explain. It has a property of moving in great resonance with magnets. It is an ultra-high frequency wave that approaches the magnetic fields of all substances and resonates with very low energy. For this reason, it takes up the energy in the environment which can no longer be used. This I assume is what I just talked about, the soiling is a phenomenon of energy. This kind of phenomenon may happen very rapidly or occur after a lapse of some time.

Take buildings as an example. When one inspects a house of 10 years or older built with EM Technology ®, one will find that the building is far stronger than the house originally built. The concrete gradually becomes more and more like limestone. Judging from the present condition, I was told this morning at the EM® Civic Engineering and Construction meeting that a building incorporating EM ® will last 300 years. Depending on the way Effective Microorganisms ® Technology is used, I feel that a building constructed with EM Technology ® will probably last 1,000 years. At present EM® Technology has started to be used for the protection of wood constructed cultural properties. EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant was sprayed on old buildings and Buddhist statures, etc. It was wiped and then sprayed again. Alternatively, EM-X ® Ceramics is diluted 1,000 or 10,000-fold and sprayed together. By doing so, the softened parts of statues and buildings gradually become firm. Before we know it, these cultural properties become strong and revert to the original conditions. No doubt–swelling and decaying of the structure reflect increased entropy. However, by eliminating the oxidized substances and the electrical charge carrying property, the wood structure finally becomes firmly connected.

Until now, science has been developed with the presumption of an increase in entropy. In the 21st Century, it is difficult to find a solution with the continuation of this approach. That is because we are now faced with environmental pollution and many things are occurring. On the other hand, if we develop EM Technology ® as a new academic discipline, it is possible to change energy and contamination that can no longer be used into a form that can be re-utilized, in other words, this concept of syntropy. The time has come when we have to review medicine and science based on the concept of syntropy. Among many things, the easiest way to explain is to use Effective Microorganisms ® Technology. Amount the organisms in EM•1® Microbial Inoculant, the phototrophic bacteria (PNSB) are the ones that support the phenomenon of syntropy. The PNSBs organisms possess synthetic functions, and I think they function like plants. We tend to think of microorganisms as consumers that degrade and feed on organic substances. However, among microorganisms, many utilize the energy of chemical reactions or produce energy from water. Most of the members in this group dislike oxygen and they are not found on the surface. The PNSB that play the central role of Effective Microorganisms ® possess these functions. These organisms possess the capability of utilizing substances such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide, which have reached the limit of entropy as raw materials and produce sugars and amino acids.

Microorganisms that function in the same manner as plants include nitrogen fixing bacteria, chlorella, diatoms and many other types. At the present level, I think it should be understood that we have not even touched the field of microorganisms that are responsible for the function of rejuvenation in the real sense.

Thinking along this line, the fact that people get better by comforting the spirit or "Quigong" is without doubt the occurrence of syntropy phenomenon. There are many types of therapy that offer such mind comforting. In the past, I thought that this was a result of antioxidation, but that is not all it is. This kind of mysterious power can only manifest when some mechanisms are working that convert negative energy into positive energy and normalize the tissue. This often happens in the world of plant. When we add EM-X® Gold to a pine tree that anyone can tell is totally dead, before we know it the dead pine has recovered to a lush green. Usually, when pine trees have withered to the extent that the pine needles have turned red, it is almost impossible to revive. However, even under such situations, use of Effective Microorganisms ® Technology results in the sprouting of free buds.

A psychic once rubbed his hands in beans that had been boiled in hot water and the beans budded. This phenomenon is unbelievable from the common sense. But, projecting the syntropy theory, boiled dead beans are the result of extremely increased entropy and the beans died from the free radicals produced. Under this condition, if the energy is returned within a certain time, then it is not such an impossibility that the beans become normal again and bud. If we are able to understand this way, then I think this may be a chance for us to explain those supernatural phenomena. If we try to understand Effective Microorganisms ® Technology in this way and they try to understand supernatural phenomena other than Effective Microorganisms ® Technology, then I think we can start to use the syntropy approach.

With this background, various fields of applications have been emerged in Effective Microorganisms ® Technology Medicine as I have outlined in the abstract of my talk.

The first thing is an EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant non-bathing method. Instead of taking a bath, EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant is diluted 1 in 10 or 50 and used to wipe the body. When we do that, the soil from the body is converted into nutrients for the body, the bacteria on the skin turn into Effective Microorganisms ®. Therefore, there is no need to take baths. In fact, we are seeing persons requiring high level care whose conditions improve from wiping with EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant without taking baths. This method is getting extremely popular as a new health approach.

The Second is EM-X ® Sea Salt. Common sense defines that salt is bad to the body. Substances such as salt that show strong chemical reactions increase the oxidation level and generate extremely active waves. However, EM-X ® Sea Salt produces phenomena that contradict common sense. The more one takes the EM-X ® Sea Salt, the great the blood pressure is lowered and the more diabetes is improved. These topics will be discussed by Dr. Tanaka later.*

The third is EM ® Rejuvinating Minerals. Trace minerals are recommended in addition to salt. The EM-X® Sea Salt exhibited today is produced by using coral from Okinawa and trace minerals and processing with EM-X ® Gold. As a result, all the oxidized substances are eliminated and the minerals are in an antioxidant state, meanwhile possessing the "EM" waves. It is matured for about 45 days and is baked at 300-400∫C to suppress deliquescence so as to stabilize the trace minerals. When EM-X ® Sea Salt alone does not cure a disease, use of the EM Rejuvenating Minerals seems to facilitate the cure. I take it myself and find that my eyesight has improved. Now I can read a newspaper without glasses. Both EM-X ® Gold and EM-X® Sea Salt have similar effects. If the general condition of the body does not improve, the eyesight would not have become better. I definitely sense this effect.

The fourth is a health house (conditioned with EM Technology ®). Dr. Kozawa will report on this topic. By filling all aspects of life with "EM" waves, the persons living in that house are able to actively maintain health just by living in the house.

The fifth is EM Technology ® in clothing materials. "Daizen" is exhibiting the clothing made with the Effective Microorganisms ® Technology. Starting from twisting the yarn, all the manufacturing processes in the factory have been processed with Effective Microorganisms ® Technology. Of course, the quality of the products is increasingly improved. Persons wearing clothes made with Effective Microorganisms ® Technology do not catch colds. They do not have stiff shoulders. Many speak of miracles such as being cured from poor physical conditions. If we apply Effective Microorganisms ® Technology to all aspects of life, this is going to play a very important role in preventative medicine.

The sixth is cosmetics made with Effective Microorganisms ® Technology. These include cosmetics and perfumes. An opinion until now was that the amount that enters the skin is not that large. However, careful examination found that a considerable amount enters the skin and promotes metabolism. We therefore started to use EM-X ® Gold even in cosmetics and perfumes.

The seventh is Effective Microorganisms ® Technology in soap, which is the eye-catcher in this exhibition. This amazing soap degrades the oils completely in the soiled part of the body, but it does not remove the oils necessary for the body. The soap has superb cleaning power, and after cleaning it possesses the power of cleaning up river waters. It is common sense that the soap removes dirt by polluting the water. When washing the scalp or skin with these soaps, it protects the living cells and activated them. The water after washing with EM ® soap has increased Effective Microorganisms ® content and has the power to clean up water. For the prevention of nosocomial infections in hospitals, using EM ® soap and EM•1 ® Microbial Inoculant together when cleaning clothes will increase effectiveness.

Hence all these properties of Effective Microorganisms ® can be transferred to all the materials. If treatment is not effective using EM•1 ®Microbial Inoculant and EM-X® Gold, I sense that it is because there is insufficient "EM" waves in total. By drinking EM-X ® Gold and consulting doctors of the EM Medical Research Group, almost all the patients are cured. However, we encounter an occasional patient who is not cured. There is a question as to where this person is living, does he live under high tension cables, or in an old concrete house full of molds, or a house built on top of a garbage disposal site, or working in a place that generates large amounts of free radicals. If a person lives or works in an unfavorable environment, then drinking EM-X ® Gold alone sometimes does not achieve the desirable effect. If we do not take a totalistic approach such as the clothing, bracelets, necklaces, shoes, and food, then just by drinking EM-X ® Gold or only taking EM-X ® Sea Salt may not achieve complete cure. In such cases, a comprehensive approach of increasing the overall antioxidant state should be considered.

On the occasion of this conference, we are also publishing the Clinical and Basic Medical Research on EM-X ®: A Collection of Research Papers, Volume 3. In this volume, we have gathered the papers that have been published in international journals, and various data that have been provided from different research institutes through our requests.