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Liquid Probiotics - The Good Bacteria
Make the Switch to Organic Septic Tank Treatments
Maximizing the Benefits of Sea Salt
Natural Oral Care – A Safer Alternative to Disease Prevention
Probiotic Supplements: Health Benefits For You!
Replace Chemical Plant Foods with EM Technology
Seed Starting: Starting And Protecting Your Plants Indoors
Soil Conditioner & The Benefits of Using it in Your Garden
Soil Conditioner: Improve Your Gardening Effectively!
The Beginner’s Guide to Composting
The Benefits of Enzyme Drinks
The Candida Conundrum: Digestive Cleanses
The Environmental Benefits of Organic Septic Treatments
The New & Improved EM-X Gold & The Immune System Benefits
Transition Your Garden into Autumn
Treating Your Septic Tank Organically
The Use of Far-Infrared Ceramics for Water Purification
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Odor Control
Research Papers
  > Aquaculture
    • Comparison of the Effect of Anolyte and Effective Microorganisms on the Faecal Bacterial Loads in the Water and on Fish Produced in Pig-cum-Fish Integrated Production Units
    • Impact of Effective Microorganisms in Shrimp Culture Using Different Concentrations of Brackish Water
    • Phillippines
  > Dairy
    • EM Effects of Preventing Staphylococcus aureus From Propagation
    • Influences of EM on quality of grass/hay for milk production
  > Poultry
    • “Effective Microorganisms” (EM) in Reducing Noxiousness of Selected Odorant Sources
    • Effect of Effective Microorganisms (EM4) on Health of Layers
    • Effect of Effective Microorganisms (EM®) on the Growth Parameters of Fayoumi and Horro Chicken
    • Effect of Effective Microorganisms on Growth Parameters and Serum Cholesterol Levels in Broilers
    • Effect of Feeding Diets Containing an Antibiotic, or a Probiotic on Grown and Pathogenic Intestinal Bacteria in Domestic Fowls
    • Effect of Probiotic on Gut Development of Domestic Fowls
    • EM As An Alternative to Antibiotics in Broiler Diets
    • Immunomodulatory Effect of Effective Microorganisms (EM) in Chickens
    • Influence of Effective Microorganisms on Health and Immune System of Broilers Under Experimental Conditions
    • Influence of Effective Microorganisms on the Quality of Poultry Products
    • The Effect of Effective Microorganisms on Production and Quality Performance of Rhode Island Red Layers
    • The Effects of Supplementation of Effective Microorganisms on Egg Production Traits, Quality Parameters and Chemical Analysis During the Late Laying Period in Hens
    • Using an Effective Microorganism Supplementation in Layers
  > Hog/Swine
    • Application of EM1 (Effective Microorganisms) for Treatment of Diarrheic Disease in Piglets in Vietnam
Healthy Living
  > Dr. Don's Clinicals
  > Odor Control
    • Evaluation of Effective Microorganisms as Foul Odor Eliminator in Pig and Poultry Farms, Growth Stimulant in Briolers, and as an Organic Fertilizer
  > Bioremediation
    • Saline Soils
      > Decomposition of Organic chlorine Compounds in the soil by Effective Microorganisms
      > Effect of EM Bokashi application on control of secondary soil salinization
      > Reclamation of Sodic Soils
      > Response of Photosystem II and Photosynthetic Pigments to Salt and Baikal EM-1 in Tree Seedlings
    • Oil Spill Remediation
    • Refinery Remediation
  > Wastewater
    • Assessment of Using Chemical Coagulants and Effective Microorganisms in Sludge Dewaterability Process Improvement
    • Formulation of Effective Microbial Consortia and its Application for Sewage Treatment
    • Upgrading Up Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Using Effective Microorganisms
    • Meridian, Texas
    • Naha City (Japan)
    • Blanket Pre-Treatment (Australia)
    • Nestle Candy Factory--Jakarta
    • Ming Yang Starch Factory- China
    • Advanced Onsite Treatment Options
    • Sludge Reduction
  > Rice Research
    • Biological Engineering Impact Of Effective Microorganisms Compost On Soil Fertility And Rice Productivity And Quality
    • Use of Integrated Approaches to Manage Inferior Soil and Water Resources for Rice Production
  > Row Crops
    • Effect of Different Fertilizers and Effective Microorganisms on Growth, Yield and Quality of Maize
    • Growth, nodulation and yield of black gram [Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper] as influenced by biofertilizers and soil amendments
    • Influence of "effective microorganisms" (EM) on vegetable production and carbon mineralization--a preliminary investigation.
    • Influence of Foliar Application by EM “Effective Microorganisms”, Amino Acids and Yeast on Growth, Yield and Quality of Two Cultivars of Onion Plants under Newly Reclaimed Soil
    • Pigweed
  > Soils- Effects, interactions with other organisms, amendments
    • EM and VAM Technology in Pakistan IX: Effect of EM Application on Growth, Yield, and Nodulation and VA Mycorrhizal Colonization in Vigna radiata (L.) Wiczek
    • EM and VAM Technology in Pakistan V: Response of chickpea (cicer arietinum L.) to co-inoculation with Effective Microorganisms (EM) and VA Mycorrhiza Under Allelopathic Stress
    • EM and VAM Technology in Pakistan VII: Effect of Organic Amendments and Effective Microorganisms (EM) on VA Mycorrhizae, Nodulation and Crop Growth in Trifolium alexandrium L.
    • EM and VAM Technology in Pakistan VIII: Nodulation, Yield and VAM Colonization in Vigna mungo (L.) in Soils With Different Histories of EM Application
  > Trees - Orchard Crops
    • Effect of microbial inoculants on Albizia saman germination and seedling growth
    • Citrus
      > Soil Chemical and Physical Conditions of Oranges
      > Effect of EM4 on Growth of Citrus Medica
    • Vineyards
      > Control of Vine Powdery Mildew by the use of EM Preparations
      > Enhancing Vineyard Production And Recycling Waste From The Winery Back To The Land
  > Water and Irrigation Issues
    • Utilization Of Brackish Groundwater For Crops With EM-Technology
  > Bio-Control
  > Wheat
    • The Effect of EM on Growth and Nitrogen Uptake by Wheat in the Green House
    • Effect of heat-sterilization and EM (Effective Microorganisms) application on wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) grown in organic-amended sandy loam soil
  > Tomatoes
    • Effect of EM on Weed Populations, Weed Growth and Tomato Production in Kyusei Nature Farming
    • Influence of Effective Microorganisms on Seed Germination and Plantlet Vigor of Selected Crops
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